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Getting Started With Alternative Energy

It seems to me, when people think about what the next new breakthrough technology is going to be, they think linearly about the most complex technology we know of. They think of particle physics and quantum mechanics, but these aren't exactly things you can make a hobby of. And what I think most people don't realize is there's a lot of really interesting phenomenon that were discovered right along with other major technologies we know of and utilize today, that just never got developed, or are just not well understood. Some of which are quite accessible to the hobbyist and I believe hold the secret to a whole new realm of possibility.

A great example and a good source of inspiration for me is the work of Nikola Tesla. Most people know of Tesla for giving us alternating current and the Tesla coil. But what people don't usually realize is that he produced many patents for generating and utilizing energy of another form. He was a very precise and a brilliant inventor and his inventions were often built to utilize harmonic properties to amplify his effects. After the contributions he gave us for which he was most famous for, he continued to research and came up with new ways of working with electricity that yielded effects far different from that of conventional electricity.

This is an example from a Google image search of "Tesla Coil", an early Tesla concept (it's a long exposure). Note, the chaotic nature of the streamers. And this is from Eric Dollard's replication of Telsa's later work which shows a different form of electrical discharge that fits exactly with descriptions from Tesla.

What Tesla found I think really laid the groundwork for many inventions that followed which could produce effects unlike what you can achieve with conventional electricity. There's a documentary you can usually find on Google video called "Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point", which does a pretty good job of introducing you to a lot of inventions that without a different view of how electricity works, will leave you scratching your head wondering how to make sense of it, or you might just think they are fake. Even still I reserve a certain skepticism about some of the things presented in this video, but it's a good introduction.

I'd like to point out one such example of John Hutchison's videos which much controversy surrounds. You'll see in the video footage that he has managed to get objects to levitate in some sort of anti-gravity field. I don't want to just assume it's fake, but what I will criticize is that John doesn't use any sort of scientific method. He gets a bunch of old military equipment, and ham radio stuff and turns it all on, and then turns knobs randomly until something happens. Even if his effects are real, I don't see any way to understand or reproduce what he is doing, and if it's something real, we'll just have to wait until we discover it again under a more controlled environment.

On the contrary, I find the work of Stan Meyer to be very interesting, and you will find a lot of people trying to reproduce his experiments. He developed a method for splitting hydrogen and oxygen from water but not by the conventional means of electrolysis. His cell was so efficient he could use it to run a car. He has a few patents regarding his technology, but they are a little cryptic as he was trying to protect his ideas. He was actually killed before he managed to commercialize his ideas.

In 1989 two researchers from the University of Utah claimed to have breakthrough on cold fusion with a tabletop device, but after unsuccessful attempts to review it, the ideas were debunked and since most of the public has lost interest. But there have been other attempts to reproduce the effects somewhat successfully, some of which you can find on Jean-Louis Naudin's site and hopefully eventually I'll have a chance to attempt similar experiments to host here as well.

I hope from this you get that there are many fronts for which we can make new discoveries in energy, and to be more open to the idea of energy as a rich field of new discovery. Lets try to avoid being overly skeptical or overly dogmatic, and consider these experiments and claims as motivation to investigate the phenomenon and reproduce the experiments, which will lead to a new cleaner brighter future.

If you're interested in looking further, the research page on this site is meant to contain a collection of resources to experiments, patents, videos and links to other sites which I hope will be useful to that extent.

As well, I came across a video a few years back, which was one of the most helpful resources I've ever found, and it really tied everything together for me. The video was a lecture by Peter Lindemann covering Tesla's later experiments, and how it lead to the phenomenon of radiant energy, which he used to understand the EV Gray motor. I strongly recommend his video: The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity from his site. The video is not public domain, but if you're lucky you might find some excerpts from the video on Google videos.