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The Website Beginnings

The foundation of the site is pretty well defined now.

The project page has been started. It will serve as an index into the individual projects which will include all of the details (pictures, schematics, video, descriptions of the results and intentions, etc)

I originally started the site with the intent to pretty much just make it a nice clean blog where I can detail all of the experiments I'm working, but once I got going I realized that it would serve as a great place for community driven content as well. There are a lot of people on you-tube posting videos describing their experiments and showing results, but it's often very difficult for them to clearly show schematics, and takes a lot of time to try to explain their setup.

As this site develops a community I hope people will be able to create their own project pages, and the hurdle of having to make a site to host their content will be avoided.

To facilitate the growth of a community I've created a forum, and I've done the best I could to keep the users accounts between the forum and the site content synchronized, so the users will not have to fiddle with multiple accounts.

[edit 3-17-09: This turned out not to be worth it because of all of the spam on the forum and maintaining the crossover with site updates is something I do not have time for.]

Near term plans for further site growth:

  • Build a "Technology" page with references to documents and videos to learn about the subject, as well as a getting started intro with condensed information to help form an idea of what this site is all about.
  • Build a site based account with you-tube to host videos, and reference them from the project page which hopefully can be automated from the content creation on this site. This should also help promote the page, as the videos can contain references back to the project page in the info, and thus allow you-tube traffic to find out more about the videos including schematics etc. hosted on this site.
  • Build the first actual project page, and detail what I did in the first project.


thank god for captia. lol. good work man i have yet to find anyone who has sat down to do these experiments the way they were meant to be done. usually someone drilling into a MOT while the magnetron is still running open with no waveguide using a cordless drill. i wish i could make this kind of stuff up btw. keep posting videos please.


Thank you for your post. I made that cute captcha myself, but I need to beef it up a little, there's a few spam bots getting through by luck. And they are VICIOUS, it looks like they have natural language parsers that rephrase other content on the website, and then post their link in the words! EVIL.

But as it currently stands I only have to clean out about 10 users every couple months. :)

Also, thanks for the feedback on the videos, I have so much more I want to do, I just need to find the time, and people crazy enough to enjoy what I'm doing to help motivate me :P